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I am Lewis Chan and I live in Hong Kong, China. My job is currently a student. I like designing technology. Not real technology though, I am not old enough to do that. However, I am old enough to make my own website (probably).

Why do I like YouTube?

YouTube is a place for us to share our stories and that is a very good idea. Except now everyone uses it to make money and stuff. I currently make videos about my life, food, and most importantly, video games.


Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite animal: Cat

Favourite food: Fish

Favourite country: China

Favourite country to go to: U.K.

Favourite sauce: Soy sauce

Favourite Zodiac animal: Dog

Favourite video game: Cities: Skylines

Favourite website: YouTube

Favourite YT channel: Jacksepticeye

Favourite cooking dish: Fried noodles (chow mein)

Favourite cooking idol: Gordon Ramsay

Favourite transport: Train

Favourite fast food restaurant: McDonald's

Favourite food at McD's: McWings (not in America)...

Favourite job: Scientist

and so on and so forth...

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Lewis Chan

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